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Synergy Asia Solution Co., Ltd. (SAS) was established in February 2012 with paid up capital of 5 million baht, and being currently with more than 70 staffs. We supply the engineering solution products of aluminium profiles, aluminium frame systems, pipe & joint products, pipe racking systems, automatic guided vehicles (AGV), and pick to light (PTL) products. Other than just supplying parts or components, we also provide complete services of system designs, fabrication, installation, and commissioning to those products that we sell.


SAS has been driven under the strong belief that “Specialized and Professional Skill is The Key to Customers’ Satisfaction”. With this belief, we have continuously kept abreast of new knowledge and technologies of aluminium profiles, pipe & joint products, and others of our core products with the aim of becoming the best in the field; and, this reflects our commitment in providing our customers with uncompromising and reliable quality in our services and products.


In addition to the specialized and professional skill, SAS is one of the suppliers in the market who has a very large inventory of pipe & joint products and aluminium profiles. This is to ensure that goods will be available at all time when customers need.  Fast delivery is our key service policy to customers. Moreover, we are one of the suppliers who can provide a very quick design, fabrication and installation of pipe & joint systems and aluminium profile systems. 


More than 300 industrial customers in our customer database has been our proven records. Many of those in our customer database are reputable automotive & electronic factories. Please call and check for more details with us.


With the above strengths, proven records, and our management team which has over 10 years of direct experiences in the field, SAS has developed and strengthened itself to provide central services and more facilities to enable us to further improve our skills and capacities to even better serve our customers over following years. Better services with reasonable prices is our ultimate promise to our customers.

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